NOTICE: We are transitioning from yellow to ivory shea butter. The color will change, but not the quality.

Our Story

Elmettie SkinSpeak® is a whipped body butter line created to honor the saintly grandmothers of owner Tereva Parham. 

In 2020, both women unexpectedly transitioned from our present world into the highly anticipated afterlife within four weeks to the day of each other. Their legacies continue through memories of their God-loving, family doting, church and community supporting, wisdom sharing, lives well-lived. Their fierce passion for prayer lives on through Tereva. 

Elmettie is a combination of their first names: Elmorine and Hettie. SkinSpeak is what happens when nurturing body products leave your skin radiantly moisturized - your skin speaks. Having lived into their 90s, both women had well cared for, beautifully smooth skin. 


Tereva Parham, owner of Elmettie SkinSpeak, stands above her seated grandmothers Hettie and Elmorine in 2017.